Wellington Ore Bin Roof

Wellington Ore Mine BEFORE roof project

Wellington Ore Bin with Scaffolding Being Installed

Wellington Ore Bin Roofing Project

Monday September 12, 2016 the BHA started work on stabilizing the ore bin to prevent deterioration caused by the elements. We're putting a new roof on the structure that will resemble the historic roof in form and materials all in order to prevent deterioration caused by the elements. From start to finish the project should take about 2 months.

The first step in the project is to put up scaffolding and is one of the most difficult projects the BHA has undertaken. The height of the scaffolding is a safety concerns for the construction workers. Thankfully the historic structure is sound so it will not be affected by the scaffolding or the second stage which is adding a roof. Once the roof is complete, the scaffolding will be removed and the end result will be a aesthetically pleasing and historic looking roof protecting the existing historic site.

The history of the Wellington Mine stretches almost as far back as the history of Breckenridge itself. The Oro Mine, which eventually became part of the Wellington mine, was first discovered in 1887. The Wellington Mine was discovered shortly after that. “[It was] not only the most successful mine in Breckenridge, but probably in all of Colorado,” Bill Fountain says.

The Wellington Ore Bin was built in the late 1800s. The building was used to process rock ore that had been collected from the mines. The original structure was five stories and could process up to 40 tons of rock per day.

For more information about this project, email larissa@breckheritage.com or call 970-453-9767 x101.