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19 January

This week in history…100 years ago, the week of January 9-13, 1917


James McGee, 70 years old, a resident of Breckenridge for 45 years, died Thursday morning at the hospital of diabetes.  He was buried in Valley Brook with his wife who was laid to rest eight years ago.


After taking the measurements of the height of women in France, England and American, a London doctor announces the English woman is the tallest and the American comes next.


A man named George Barber died in a Pagosa Springs hotel in November 1900 under strange circumstances. Myrtle A. Wright and W.P. Neff, who brought him to this city, were arrested and charged with administering poison to him. A Sioux City, Iowa, life insurance company is said to have lost heavily by Barber’s death.


The Colorado State Board of Immigration, has through the Colorado Editorial Association, offered a reward of $10 for the best state slogan. The contest is open to all. So dear reader, think up a good slogan and send it to Alva A. Swain.


Colorado was second in the production of gold in 1916, her mines yielding ore worth $19,099,100. ($360,122,960 in 2017!)

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