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19 January

This Week in History…100 years ago, the week of January 20-24, 1917


Adolph Francis Winslow, 28 years of age, was killed Sunday morning in the main shaft of the Wellington Mine, when caving rock crushed him to death as he worked in a “pocket” which he was cutting back of the shaft timbers. Fellow workmen strived for a rescue in all possible haste, but the ground came in around him, crushing out his life before sliding earth could be checked or an outlet made for its victim.


Breckenridge County Commissioners have informally discussed the plan of having new cabinets built and placed in the lobby of the court house for the care of a local mineral display. Visitors delight in viewing mineral specimens, and although there are thousands of specimens in Breckenridge, they are of a semi-private nature or are stored in places where they are not easily viewed.


A Breckenridge man who was a visitor in Denver last week and also the week before, proved himself to be courageous and chivalrous. While a crowd of cold, austere and dignified Denver people looked on, he plunged into the maelstrom of Seventeenth Street traffic, risking life and limb-all for a presumably beautiful damsel whom he had never seen.


Immediately after the services at the Elks’ home in Denver, Col. Cody’s body was escorted by the Elks to the Olinger Mortuary where it will lie in a vault until Decoration Day. At that time it is believed that the site for the grave will have been selected and the sepulcher completed, and the final rites will be said on Lookout Mountain.


Thomas Fabrizion and W.H. Lucas arrived from Pueblo Monday, and have spent a few days here inspecting conditions at the New York being developed by the Gibson Hill Mining and Milling Company in which they are interested. The ore in the upraise is steadily improving according to Mr. Morris, Manager, who is greatly encouraged with the outlook.

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