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29 December

This Week in History…100 years ago…the week of December 26 – 30, 1916

As reported by the “Summit County Journal” 100 years ago and brought to you by the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance today! —————————————————————————————————————————————————-


Superintendent Griffith of the Pioneer Continental Company gasped with astonishment last Sunday when in the process of cleanin (sic) out one of the batteries at the mill, a great mass of gold nuggets was revealed. There were three pounds of them and they varied in value from $3 to $10 each.


George W. Ryan and George Wilson, the two yeggmen who blew the safe in Niwot bank and were captured by Sheriff Buster and deputies at Louisville, have admitted to the post office inspector they burned the 14,000 stamps taken from the safe. The value of the stamps, according to Postmistress Cordia Clifford, was $292.


The odorless onion will soon be given to the world, according to various delegates to the ninth annual convention of the Vegetable Growers Association of America. It will be an onion one can eat and still go abroad among one’s friends. It will be a tearless onion too. Its popularity will soon approach that of the strawberry and the watermelon.


Peter Prestrud and Eyvind Flood, who mastered the art of fancy, difficult and spectacular maneuvers on skis in Norway, have completed a course for long jumping near Frisco and have been indulging in this popular old country sport. Mr. Flood believes an excellent course could be made near Breckenridge and that it would afford novel and beneficial amusement. Join the BHA, Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 4:00pm-6:00pm at the Grand Opening of the newly updated Summit Ski Museum. Wear your retro ski gear and bring your memories and stories from the 1960’s, 1970’s or event 1916! Additional details can be found by visiting


Declaring that she, her mother and sister has been induced to sell a farm in Wisconsin and come to Frisco by Conrad Henneck, a North Ten Miler. on the representation that he was a man of much wealth, the owner of a valuable mine and attractive home, a young woman attacked Henneck on the Main Street of Frisco last week with a club, ending only when her victim fled from her reach. She punctuated the blows with a withering denunciation, indulging in a vocabulary that was rather scorching and expressive if not elegant.

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