The Theobald Award

Nominations for 2016 are closed.
We will post 2017 nomination material in the spring.

In honor of the Theobald family's long-standing history in Breckenridge and their commitment to historic preservation and heritage tourism, the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is pleased to announce the 5th Annual Theobald Award!

Nomination Criteria
The Theobald Award will recognize outstanding contributions to the history of the Breckenridge area. The award will be presented annually and will identify a person, business or project that does one or more of the following:
- Exemplifies the Town’s commitment to historic preservation
- Celebrates the history of Breckenridge in a unique way
- Demonstrates leadership and/or volunteerism for historic preservation and heritage tourism
- Discovers new facts or stories about Breckenridge’s history, to be shared with the public

Contact Michele at 970-453-9767 x103 or email

History of the Theobald Family

The Theobald family traces its history back six generations, to the days when Breckenridge was no more than a fledgling mining town. While generations of Theobald family members made a mark on Breckenridge’s history, Robin Theobald, born in Breckenridge in 1951, and his wife Patty, have been instrumental in maintaining the community that Robin’s ancestors helped create. Together the two have preserved 15 historic buildings in Breckenridge. In 1972, years before the Breckenridge Historic District and local design guidelines existed, the Theobald's completed their first historic preservation project. Their more recent projects include the Tin Shop, now used as a guest artist studio, the Barney Ford Victorian Home, now operating as a house museum dedicated to Breckenridge’s first black businessman, and the 1880 general store at the corner of Ski Hill Road and Main Street. Robin currently serves on the Board of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.

Robin and Patty Theobald