Site Rental FAQs

Do I need an appointment to tour site rental venues?
You are welcome to visit any of the sites during operation hours; however the staff cannot answer site rental questions. If you would like a tour of a specific site, please email or call Michele (contact info at bottom of page).

How do I find out availability for the date I am interested in?
Please email or call Michele to discuss availability (contact info at bottom of page).

Are the sites rented in specific time blocks?
Yes, but we try to cater the rental time to the needs of the renter. Ceremony only events will be allocated a 2 hour time block with the option to add up to 2 additional hours. All other events will be allocated a 6 hour time block with the option to add up to 6 additional hours. All rentals will also be allocated 1 hour prior to the event and 1 hour after the event to accommodate set-up and clean-up. The town’s noise ordinance begins at 10pm so all events must be over by that time (clean-up may continue to 11pm if the rental time block ends at 10pm).

What is a ceremony only event and can I serve food and beverages?
A Ceremony Only event is generally just the ceremony portion of a wedding, but can be another type of shorter event. If you rent a site for a Ceremony Only no food or beverage service is permitted (catered or not). Other than that, you are welcome to set-up or decorate the site as you please (see Can I decorate the site for my event? for more details and restrictions). If you are unsure if your event would be considered Ceremony Only please email or call Michele (contact info at bottom of page).

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations must be sent to the Alliance in writing and a cancellation of contract must be signed. Cancellations must be made 90 days prior to the event to receive a full refund. Cancellations made within 90 days of the event will not be refunded.

Are the sites available for rental year-round?
The indoor sites are available year-round and the outdoor sites are available from mid-June through the end of September depending on the weather.

Are site tours available during my event?
Guided tours are available for each of the sites. Upon request, tours can be included inin your event for an additional fee.

Does the Alliance provide food and beverage service?
No, the Alliance does not provide any catering or beverage services.

Do I have to use a caterer, or can I provide my own food and beverages?
You must have a licensed caterer on site for the duration of your event. You or your caterer must provide set-up, clean-up, and trash removal. You must also use a TIPS certified bartender if you will be serving alcoholic beverages. Any exceptions to this requirement must be written into your contract with the Alliance.

Do I have to use one of your recommended caterers?
No, however a caterer not on our list must (1) be licensed and provide the appropriate paperwork to the Alliance 30 days prior to the event (2) meet with an Alliance staff member prior to event.

Can I have alcohol at my event?
Yes, however the Alliance does not carry a liquor license for its properties. You must use a TIPS certified bartender if you are servinf alcoholic beverages. Bar tending services are available through many caterers or you can use an outside company such as Peak Beverages.

Can I have live music or a DJ at my event?
Yes, there are no restrictions on your choice of music, however, we ask you to be respectful of our neighbors and comply with any requests made by Alliance staff to lower the volume at any time.

Does the Alliance provide any equipment for events?
The Alliance does not provide any equipment as part of the site rental fee; please contact Colorado Tents and Events, our exclusive site rental equipment supplier, for equipment needs such as tables, chairs, tent side walls, lighting, heaters, etc.
The Alliance also does not provide any set-up or break-down labor. You will need to arrange this with Colorado Tents and Events and your caterer.
Electricity is available at all of our sites, however, the Alliance does not provideextension cords. You should contact the Alliance with your electrical needs no less than one week before your event.

Can I decorate the site for my event?
Yes, you are welcome to decorate, however, due to the historic nature of our sites, no nails, tacks, staples, tape, or other adhesives may be used on any structures. You are also responsible for cleaning up any decorations used, including confetti, rice, etc.

Can I arrive the day before my event to begin setting up or wait until the next day to finish cleaning up? Can I drop off items prior to my event or leave items to be picked up after?
Unfortunately, because our sites are open to the public, all set-up and clean-up must occur during the rental hours specified in your contract. This includes any items that may be delivered directly to the site. Please coordinate with vendors so they do not interrupt site operations. The tent and accessory set-up and break-down by Colorado Tents and Events may occur outside of the specified rental hours. Any exceptions to this requirement must be written into your contract.

Who cleans up after the event and where does trash go?
The Alliance does not provide clean up or trash services and there is not a trash facility available to renters. You are responsible for cleaning up and removing all trash from the site after your event. This service can usually be arranged with your caterer.

Are there restrooms at each site?
Restrooms are available for guests at each site. Where there is not an indoor facility for use, the Alliance will provide outdoor portable restrooms for your event.

Is there parking at the sites?
There is very limited parking at all of our sites. There are public lots near the Barney Ford and Edwin Carter sites; however, there are time restrictions on the lots.

May I take photos and/or video during my event?
Photos and film are permitted on all sites! We do not permit the renter to move or tamper with any artifacts on site for photo/film purposes and any photos/film taken on or of the site may not be published, sold, or used for monetary gain.

Are bon-fires, cooking pits, or candles permitted?
No fires of any type are allowed, however candles may be permitted. Please discuss candle use with the Alliance prior to your event.

Is smoking permitted anywhere on site?
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all buildings and on all sites and properties managed and rented by the Alliance.

Do I need any insurance?
You are required to have a certificate of insurance naming the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance as additionally insured for up to 1 million dollars in general liability. This is typically available through your homeowners insurance.

Are your sites handicap-accessible?
The Barney Ford, Edwin Carter, and Briggle houses are handicap accessible. If you have a guest that requires handicap access, please call the Alliance to discuss options for accommodation.

Are pets allowed on site during my event?
Due to the historic nature of our sites, we do not allow pets at any time. We do allow service animals and request you notify the Alliance if a service animal will be present at your event.

There is severe weather on the day of my event – what can I do?
For indoor rentals, unless the building becomes unsafe, cancellations will not be provided a refund. For outdoor events, we strongly recommend you rent a tent shelter for your event as you are not permitted to use the interior of our museum facilities unless prior arrangements have been made in your contract.

If you have a question that was not addressed here or would like to discuss site rental options, please contact Michele at 970-453-9767 x103 or


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