Meet the BHA

Welcome to the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance!

The Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in December 2006 to promote and protect Breckenridge's unique heritage. Through a collection of historic sites, guided tours and hikes, as well as programs and events for all ages, the Alliance encourage residents and guests to experience what life was like in Historic Breckenridge!


A few of the amazingly talented and passionate tour guides and museum docents who work for the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance on our annual staff field trip!

Administrative Staff

Larissa O'Neil
Executive Director

Cindy Hintgen
Operations Manager

Michele Chapdelaine
Office Manager

Kris Ann Knish
Archivist and Collections Manager

Sandra Rhodes
Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Board of Directors

Jerry Dziedzic, President

Larry Crispell, Vice President

Allyn Mosher, Treasurer 

Rick Hague, Secretary

Dan Gibbs

Janet Sutterley

Mark Burke, Town Council Representative