Eberlein House

The Eberlein House was built in 1876 by William and Jeanette Eberlein at a site along the Blue River near North Main Street. The couple is listed in the 1870 Colorado Territorial Census as living in Montezuma.  After being elected as Summit County Assessor in the fall of 1876, William and "Nettie" moved to the county seat town of Breckenridge and built the tiny, frame house. In 1989, the building was in danger of being torn down. The Town of Breckenridge adopted the Eberlein House and moved it to Alice G. Milne Park.

eberlein house

The BHA is currently completing an Historic Structure Assessment of the Eberlein House, with funding from History Colorado/the State Historical Fund. The goal of the HSA is to assess the current condition of the home and make recommendations for future preservation. The HSA will be ongoing through 2016.