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USA Pro Challenge Stage 5 Finish Party!

Join us for our annual party to watch the racers cross the finish line of Stage 5 of the USA Pro Challenge! This fundraiser will include prime viewing from the Barney Ford Lawn, a big-screen broadcast of the race, snacks and refreshments. Tickets are on sale now and reservations are highly recommended  - CLICK HERE for more info and to purchase tickets today!

Just arrived in Breck? Join a BREXpedition!

Discovery the history and mystery of Breckenridge! Join us for introductory tour of town; where to eat, shop, and play interspersed with intriguing facts about Breck’s storied past. Adult tickets are only $5 and include a discount coupon for any historic walking tour! 

White Gloves and Wallpaper ~ A Summer Tour and Tea

Take a walking tour of Breck’s historic district and learn about Mrs. Katie Briggle, the town’s leading lady at the turn of the century. Explore the beautifully restored Briggle House and enjoy tea and treats in this classically furnished Victorian home.

Blog Posts

17 April

“Another Little One Gone”

This stark headline appears in the Summit County Journal, 12 August 1899.


The sad story, “Another Little One Gone,” was published on page 5 of the newspaper in Breckenridge, notifying residents of the fate of the infant, Richard Matthiessen. Only three months old, the baby succumbed to the then deadly whooping cough. Laid to rest in Valley Brook Cemetery, little Richard was just one of the many victims of what we now consider a common and easily cured affliction.

03 April

Crofutt’s Grip-Sack Guide

As the west was explored and settled throughout the late 1800s, communities and towns depended on the railroad.


Not only for transporting of goods and supplies, but also for transporting potential residents. Often, when a railroad route excluded a town on its route, the community would eventually die out; being skipped was a death sentence.  It was common, and even encouraged, for the railroad company to purchase property along the tracks, and most did.

In those areas where they…

23 March

Continuing the Story: Helen Rich

This month, Breckenridge resident Helen Rich was featured on the Western History & Genealogy blog, from the Denver Public Library.


(You can read the post here.)


We decided to do just a bit more digging into this infamous Breckenridge resident, and found a few very interesting documents to compliment the overview provided by the Western History & Genealogy Blog.


Helen Rich was known to have been well traveled and well educated during her lifetime. Born in Sauk…

04 March

What Happened To… the Other Towns?

Breckenridge has been County Seat for Summit County almost since the beginning.


But any student of history in this area is well aware that there were several more communities spotting the landscape in the vicinity since 1859. Where were these communities? How did they come to be, and what happened to them? With spring right around the corner (yes, really!), many of us are starting to think about our summer hikes, camping trips and other activities. It is very…

17 January

World War in Summit County

2014 marks an important anniversary in the history of the world: the Centenary of World War I.


Undeniably, this was a period in our collective history that affected each and every nation. It is being remembered now in the same way: globally. There are several projects and organizations working to educate and preserve the events of the war, and its aftermath. One of which is the First World War Centenary at 1914.org, which will continue their mission through 2018….